Friday, May 13, 2011

G-UNIT Producer Carrington Wiggings

G-Unit Producer Carrington

OSS: When did you discover your passion for music?

CARRINGTON: “I think it was always like a second nature thing to me, from birth. As a baby my Mom used to tell me that I would make beats in my sleep. I think I realized that I wanted to do this as a profession at the age of 12.”

OSS: How was it growing up more into music than sports?

CARRINGTON:“…I would always do athletic stuff, but in the mist music was always in the background. What ever I was doing there would be some song in my head.” Says the producer with a chuckle.
OSS: Who were some of your influences growing up?

CARRINGTON:“This guy named Carmen, I don’t know if many people have heard of him, but he was a Christian singer/ writer/ producer, he was the main influence.”, says the producer. “…but some artist people might know Price, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Parliament, Marvin Gaye, those guys definitely had a great influence on my music abilities. Oh and N.E.R.D. yes N-E-R-D they had a big influence in my music. Says the artist with clarity so there are no confusions.

OSS:What‘s it like working with one of the millenniums’ hottest labels?

CARRINGTON: “It was an honor actually seeing that 50 (rapper 50 cent) 2million records for his album.”, the Producer continues humbly and ends with “…It was very exciting.”

OSS:Tell us about Writer’s Block Music Project.
CARRINGTON: “Writers Block, usually you think about a writer getting to a point in your mind where you just can’t go any farther and trying to figure out Ideas. We actually came up with the concept and came up with the writer’s block theme, that there is no limit, and there are no boundaries. So we envisioned it from the get go of being able to do any type of music, not necessarily having a genre, but what ever we felt just doing that and just rolling with it. That’s how Writer’s Block came about. States the producer passionately with no error.

OSS:Tell us about your singles Say You Will.

CARRINGTON: “Say You Will is a song that we produced and we wrote. We were actually planning on shopping the song to 50 cent to see if he wanted to do it as a single, but we actually decided to keep it for ourselves since we liked it so much. We were actually listening to the song on the way to New York for a business trip and I just kept rocking to it and singing to it…and from there we just recorded it.”

OSS:Tell us what inspires you.

CARRINGTON: “What inspires me musically? The number 1 inspire-er, is that a word?” says the artist jokingly. “…is definitely God, next I guess I would say, there are 3 other members of Writer’s Block; Marshon Wiggins, Adam King, and John Avery. Adam and John are a little older than Marshon and I so that’s kind of how we got introduced to doing studio work and I think those are some of my inspirations as well.

OSS: What would you say to any artist hoping to make it in the music industry?

CARRINGTON: “I say don’t rush it, that’s the first thing. Because, sometimes people even with myself, you’re so ready to be famous and you’re ready to let people experience how you feel and the music that you make, but sometimes it takes a little time. Don’t rush it take time to mold your craft. And I say go for it, don’t even think a dream is impossible.”
States the artist both admittedly and encouragingly.
Last Thoughts
Carrington is a humble and talented young man, with a bright past and an illuminating future ahead. Getting the opportunity to chat with him was pleasant in every since I wish him nothing, but the best and have no doubts that his gracious personality and this undying talent will get him just that. Now Let’s Get Spiffy! follow him!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One thing that I personally value in music is lyrics. In a song, lyrics are EVERYTHING! And you can tell when someone has truly put their heart and soul in to a song by the lyrics. Now a days the world seems so caught up in the dance music. Now this is not to bash on the music that is out today, because I will gladly get out there and "jig" with the best of them, but for my personal taste I love when songs have lyrics that tell a story basically. One artist I have come to admire is Adele. I haven't even heard all of her songs, but from what I have heard her lyrics are amazing, and her style of singing is one to be admired. Other artist who I personally feel are very amazing at songwriting are Dawn Richard of Diddy Dirty Money, Jazmine Sullivan, and there are plenty others. When you write a song, think about if it truly is coming from your heart and soul, thats what makes music so universal, because your trials, your good days, your ups and downs (as an artist) are things people all around the world can relate to. A lot of times I feel like no one really listens to me, or ever hears what I have to say, so I put on some Danity Kane's "Is Anybody Listening". Maybe I feel like just dancing and I decide to put on California Swagg District's"Teach Me How To Dougie". Or maybe even I don't feel like doing anything, and I will listen to Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song". See? Music is so universal and can touch so many people in so many ways! I love it!

Well till next time my fellow Bloggers....
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Just Black?

I have found that many of my people and even those of different origins, would prefer accrediting all of our appeasing features to a race other than that of our own; Black. Now by no means am I saying that this is done by all, but I have seen it done by many. I have been asked on several occasions if I was “just Black”. I have received what I perceive as being backhanded complements such as; “Wow you’re pretty or you have nice hair, are you Brazilian, Porto Rican, Dominican, or mix with any of those”? These are questions that I have been asked by my people and those of a race different than my own. Why can’t I just be Black? “Just Black”, means reason for great pride in my eyes, this means I come from an original people to which no one can mistake as Mother earth’s most unique children. Why do we feel that our beauty isn’t good enough? Why do we try to validate our beauty through a race and origins of another? I hold great value and pride in where my beauty makes rise from, and I think we as a people should love and accept our beauty for who and what she is. We must let go of all society’s rigid standards of beauty and accredit her for all that she is, for when we release her and let her roam just as intended only then will our eyes be opened…My “Just Black” is beautiful, some of yall are just too blind to see it. 2011 how far have we come?

Friday, April 1, 2011


Justin J-SHOC Reynolds
OSS: When did your passion for theatrical performance make rise?
J-Shoc: “When I was really small, around 3 or 4. My first play was Charlie Brown. Yea, I played Charlie Brown actually.”, says the artist with a laugh. “I did pretty good I guess, I would monologue and do stage monologue. And from there on my mom was like, ‘All right my boy can act and we need to go to California to see what‘s going on‘. Then he states “So from then on I played on Exit wounds, worked with That’s so Raven, worked with Will Smith on Seven Pounds. I just kept working my way up. I love acting, anything that has to do with entertainment and comedy and thing like that.” States the artist eagerly.

OSS: You sing, dance, act, and write and do so very well. Is there one that you think you prefer?
J-Shoc: “To be honest, I feel that dancing and singing are kind of like two links that you can’t really do without, if you’re a singer…I feel that dancing is like the main vows for the main heart which is singing. If you really think about it, like we’re listening to music, I don’t care who you are. Whether it’s rock or you like Tupac, it makes you feel free. You get a different vide and the time, either way you’re going to be moving. Whether it’s just a head bob.” The artist pauses, and then states with a light in his voice. “I just love music…but, what I love out of dance and music, which do I love most or more.”, he laughs and corrects himself. I’d have to go with singing. It’s something that I grew up with from church and being very, very soulful…”.

OSS: Tell us a little about your single “Runaway”.
J-Shoc: “…When I was in Vegas I told my producers Blackout, that I wanted something very futuristic, I wanted something with a different sound, something no one’s ever heard before.” , exclaims the young artist with a smile one could hear through the phone. “…So they sent it out, I was in my hotel room and I fell in LOVE with the record that they sent me. I didn’t know what to do I had so many different ideas, you know I was like “WOW”, this could be like Go Away, haha this could be like Runaway, this could be a lot of different things. I called up one of my really good friends who is a really good writer as well, her name is Abba and we really came up with a concept. “…From there on it just became magic”.

OSS: So Fat Joe of Terror Squad came to the shooting of your video for “Runaway”. What was it like to see that such an iconic rapper was expressing interest in you?
J-Shoc: “It feels, it’s one of the best feelings actually, EVER.”, Says the artist with a laugh. “To have a great icon like Fat Joe or loyalties from anybody, just the fact that people support me, and support the movement, and support the trend that I’m trying to do. That’s just the thing that I feel deep down inside about. That’s what I really do appreciate out of everything.” Says J-Shoc with a humble relief. “…It was just an honor”.

 OSS: Your vocal coach is Seth Riggs, and he has worked with icons like Michael Jackson, Prince, Ray Charles, and many others who’s music is considered “timeless”, what is that like to be working with one of the best?
J-Shoc: “You know, that’s definitely a guy that brought lot out of me, that I didn’t even know I had. And um, I didn’t think he, I didn’t think anyone could do it. “He’s worked with a lot of people of course you know, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross. Everybody, you know Quincy everyone. One thing he told me that I’ll never forget he said, he even said it to my Mom was uh, ‘You’re doing something that I couldn’t do when I was 34 years old and I had been singing since I was 15.’”, and when he said that I was like ‘WOW’ this guy told me that I can…I’M GOOD”! says the artist with a light hearted laugh and further states. “I don’t know how to put it, but wow ok, and every since he said that it broadened my horizons, it turned something on and I was driven. I’ve had a lot of different types of success happening in my life and I just want it to keep on going, and never stop”.

OSS: You’ve danced for so many award winning stars, some being Ashanti and Chris Brown just to name a couple. You’ve accomplished so much thus far, what keeps you going?
J-Shoc: “ A lot of things keep me going, RED BULL ha ha, but to be honest I think what keeps me going is all the fans that I have right now. You know I’m nobody special, but on twitter I almost have like 40,000 followers, one of them even made me a chain, one of them made a clothing like for me. I feel that knowing that I’ve already captivated a lot of people with my music and everything I talk about. That’s good enough for me, just to say that’s the reason that I keep on going. I do what I love because I love it, and I’m not going to stop. If tomorrow I get into a bad accident I’m still not going to stop“.

OSS: You’re definitely an energizer bunny do you ever feel the wait of the industry?
J-Shoc: “Not really never, I feel that…one thing I don’t know why I feel this way but”. “…If you don’t like the paparazzi if you don’t like the different things that happen to you because you’re famous then why even join it, you know what’s going to happen. You know the consequences of becoming quote unquote ‘famous’”. Says J-Shoc sternly, he then further elaborates and says. “…You’re life is never the same, they tell you that in the beginning. Once people understand that your life will never be the same then there should be no excuses saying that, you know it’s on their shoulders and they don’t know what to do. Nah, I feel that I’ll be ok”. The artist states with a subtle yet sure confidence.

OSS: Single or taken?
J-Shoc: “Ha well I’m always single especially because, how can I say? I gotta stay young man! A lot of people don’t know how to stay young, they get taken and scooped up quick”! Says J-Shoc with a laugh. “…I mean to be honest with you if I had time for a relationship I would definitely consider it. It’s hard man I can barely come home and play video games, how do you expect me to keep a relationship going”! He states with non stop laughter.

OSS: Well when ever you do decide to settle down what would you say is your type?
J-Shoc: “I want someone that will remind of my Mom, NOT hit me when I’m wrong. Ha Ha, I want someone that will be there for me not for what I do, but who I am. I want someone that will be there for me through the ends and ups. I want someone to know the real me not, ‘J-Shoc’, not that alter ego. First of all I want a girl that knows how to cook, number two when I come home I want it to smell good, I like to smell clean”! He says in a joking manner. “…Someone that I could have a real conversation with, because I feel that a lot of girls lack conversation, if you don’t know about CNN or what’s going on in the world we are going to have some terrible times, ha ha. You know just a girl that’s educated, that’s smart, you know have a great body type ha ha. Just somebody with a great personality, that’s smart, and can cook, and as a bonus have a great body’. J-Shoc let’s us know with a chuckle.

OSS: What would you tell young artist hoping to make it in today’s industry?
J-Shoc: “Exactly what I tell myself, you have to have a drive”., “…and a really, really great backbone. Another thing is, and I know how terrible it sounds to a lot of people because they hear it a lot, I’ve heard it all my life. You always have to have a plan ‘B’, always have a plan to fall back on. It’s not because it’s not going to work out, no one’s ever saying that…they mean incase it doesn’t work out you have a plan ‘B’. I feel like it really does work, I’m in college as well, and I feel that when you’re educated people take you a little more seriously to be honest. So for the people out there that are trying to be singers, actors, and dancers just don’t stop.

Last thoughts;
J-Shoc Reynolds is phenomenal to say the least, he has accomplished so much and had such a humble and pleasant disposition. His out look on life is that which we all must have in order to succeed, he is positive and optimistic, and is fully aware of what life's realities hold. Many people, young people especially don't obtain a self actualized nature and J-Shoc does without a doubt. He is definitely a breath of fresh air and what I feel the industry needs. In this millennium the arts have been lost and I believe that J-shock will assist in their remerging. He had great points and through out the on again off again intense moments we faced through the interview he kept me laughing, so what more could a girl ask for. J-shoc we wish you the best luck and want to thank you for being a part of our movement.
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D. Austin Photgraphy

D. Austin's website and D. Austin's blog.

OSS: When did you discover your passion for photography?D. Austin: “When I was about 16 me and my family took a trip cross country from California to New York and back in the car. And my Dad gave me a camera to document the trip and it was a fully manual camera, so I had to figure out how to work it if I wanted to document the trip.”, “…That’s pretty much where it all began”.OSS: How long have you been doing photography?D. Austin: “I would say, like maybe when I was 25 s for about 12 years”.
OSS: What inspires you?D. Austin: “I usually work off intuition, kind of like an instinct type of thing. So what actually inspires me is what I see like at that moment that I witness it whether it be a cool sunset or it could be like a model with nice make up and a nice look just the process of taking pictures is what motivates me”.
OSS: What’s your ideal shoot?
D. Austin: “Probably Africa or Paris any where that’s really photogenic”.

OSS: What’s your favorite thing to shoot, people or scenery?D. Austin: “People, because I like the different type of people I meet, it’s always interesting. It’s not necessarily the pictures themselves, but the whole process of meeting a new person and photographing them”.
OSS: Any up coming projects?
D. Austin: “ Photo Obsessions Blog, I just want to have an outlet to write about what I shoot, kind of what inspires me, or what I see when I shoot. How I arrive at a certain image, inspiration on what I see in my head and how I capture it on camera. I want to write about that process in relation to the people that I photograph. It’s kind of like an inside my mind type of look and for the person it’s just away for them to get pictures of something they’re passionate about”.

Last thoughts: D.Austin is a true artist he has paid his dues and has proven his self as a great photographer. The fact that he is doing a project "Photo Obsessions", as a means of showing us what truly goes on in the brain of a mastermind is on a whole other level of brilliant, very seldom do we find artist in truth that are willing to share what really makes them tick. This in my opinion gives him a leg up from his un expecting competitors. I wish you all the luck in the world Mr. Austin, it was an honor chatting with you, or in my own personal words "cakin it up". lol. BLESSINGS TO YOU LOVE